There are rarely times when you can book an electrical contractor well in advance of needing them. Often you will be unaware that anything is going to go wrong with your electrical systems. When problems arise, you need to have someone available who will be able to provide the electrical repairs you need at short notice. Holway Electric, LLC is there for you.

Electrical repairs cannot be accomplished by just anyone. It’s critical that you select an expert to that the work is carried out correctly. While the problems for a household is clear, it will be much worse for a business if the work is not done properly. Businesses can’t afford to lose power, and as a result the confidence of their customers.

Project turnaround is also an important when choosing an electrician. You would not want your lights or any other vital appliances to fail and disrupt your daily activities. Lack of lights in the home can mean it is dangerous to walk around certain parts of the house.  And if the fridge and freezer cannot be used, there can be a high bill when it comes to wasted food. An electrical repair carried out in a reasonable period of time can make all the difference to your financial obligations, and the way you live. Holway Electric, LLC is the name you can trust for your electrical repair needs!

If you live in Rye, New Hampshire, know that there is a reputable electrical contractor nearby who will be able to come and solve your problems. Whether you need a commercial electrician or a residential electrician, our professionals at Holway Electric are trained to the highest standards. We have built our reputation on the work we have carried out in the past, and hope to continue to grow and serve the community one job at a time!

Our skilled electricians have many years of experience in a wide range of projects, some of which include:

  • Residential Electric Services
  • Commercial Electric Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Maintenance Services